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White House H3 2014 Camping Trip

Brussels or bust!!!... BUST!

July 25-27, 2014

Rileyville, VA

COST: $100 for early regos - Register on HashSpace or print out the paper rego, fill it out, and bring it to trail.
WHERE: Golden Rock Campground, Rileyville, VA
TIME: Sign in at 3 pm, Kegs tapped at 4 pm
WHAT YOU GET: Beer, meals, campsite, tubing, TRAILS, and BEER!!!

White House H3's April DC Full Moon

Wine & Toga Party

Saturday, April 19

Springfield Metro Station, Springfield VA

COST: $20 cash, $21.93 online
TIME: 6:45 pm
WHAT YOU GET: Trail, wine, beer, food, a personalized give-away*, and the opportunity to show off your best toga!
Be sure to sign up for the raffle! Tickets will be on sale at WH4 trails and at the event for $5 ea or 5 for $20.
Register here! or follow the instructions on that page to register in cash and save a little money. Online regos are capped at 115 people.
Day of regos are $25 cash or $25.69 with card.
* Give away only guaranteed if signed up by April 6th

Haberdasher Updates

Our haberdasher Poop Dick has been hard at work trying to get the drugs you want... like shiggy socks, get-a-life shirts, happi coats, and plain WH4 t-shirts.
Follow this link to get pre-order information and a preview of future items!!!!


Going Green

White House H3 would like to remind you all that we are an environmentally friendly hash. As such, we'd like to encourage everyone to bring your own reusable* mugs to the hash. This especially goes for those of you who have 25 run mugs. You may even get get lucky if you do! You have no more excusex.

* reusable doesn't mean that you shouldn't at least rinse out your mug once in a while...


"I'm Proud to be a White House Hasher"
And I'm proud to be a White House hasher,
Where the babes drop to their knees!
And I won't forget the ones who try
To put their lips on me
'Cause my dick will RISE UP,
Spew its load
And in your face I'll spray!
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this hash!
God bless my C-O-C-K!

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