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Check out the newly updated WH4 Hash Hymnal or I guess read on below for the out-dated stuff :P


You're a Shitty Hare
(to Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi)
Notes: Sung to hares for shit-tastic trails.
Written by:Krusty the Meat Miser

You should've used more flour or chalk
We followed your marks
They said You've been fucked
It sucked
It sucked
We wanted to drink Magic Hat
But lost on your trail
We'd have settled for Pabst
You suck
You suck
You've got to hold on to the drink you've got
It doesn't make a difference if it's beer or a shot
This is for the tit checks you forgot on trail (NOTE:Show tits)
You're drinking a lot!
Ohhh, there was no beer out there
Ohhh oh, you're a shitty hare
Take some flour, and use it on trail
Ohhh oh, you're a shitty hare
You're a shitty hare!
NOTE: Simulate 80s hair band awesomeness

Penis Galore
(to Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” because sometimes, I’m classy as fuck)

It’s a hash weekend once more,
The kilts have hit the floor,
I see penis galore When the liquor starts to pour,
My heart begins to soar,
I see penis galore

It’s fine that circle is outside
No penis needs to hide
Just tug and let it grow

Seeing their beauty
Teardrops fill up my eyes
Wetness drips down my cheeks
And drips down my thighs

Let your cock and balls hang free
So everyone can see
Penis galore!

The Hash Blues
(standard blues riff)

I woke up this morning
Head felt hit by a truck
Saw naked hashers all ‘round my room
Apparently we all fucked
Oh, I woke up this morning
Kicked Wreath out my bed
He landed on Ginger Snatch
Oh, and now Snatchy’s dead
Now I got the hash blues
Gonna drink ‘em all always
But the funny thing ‘bout them hash blues
Is that drinking stupid’s how I got this way

I’m Clean
(to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”)

I'm clean, I'm clean, I'm clean, I'm clean
Except for one thing I might have some AIDS

She’s Got Everything
(to The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World”)

Look at this slut
Hot and petite
Think she can swallow
My 8-inch-long meet
But the sores around her mouth make you think:
Yeah, she's got everything

Optional Verse 2:
Look at this whore
Begging for more
How many cocks have been in her back door?
But you see the warts and you think:
Sure, she’s got everything

Hasher Baby
(to Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”)

Hasher baby
Just slip a couple fingers in me
Or three
Been ready for you all year
Hasher baby
So come on down my chimney tonight

Think of all the that hasher loving
Think of all the hot tubs that need a good scrubbing
Hope that the next year is just as good
With double the beer and half the running

Hasher baby,
I got you just one little thing: a ring
It doesn’t go on your hand
Hasher baby
So come on down my chimney tonight
And chimney's code for butt!

Blow a Load
(to Frozen’s “Let It Go”)

Blow a load
Blow a load
Don’t hold it in anymore
Blow a load
Blow a load
On my tits or in my back door
I don’t care where you’re going to spray
I’ll stick my tongue out wide
I needed more protein anyway

O Holey Virgin
(to “O Holy Night”)

Virgins sweet and mild
Prepare to be defiled
This is the hash
And we're gonna to tap dat ass

So down on your knees
Flash titties to appease us
We’re gonna fill your holes
With love (obscene penetration gesture) and joy (obscene penetration gesture)

Jesus Christ Super ‘Tard
(to “Jesus Christ Superstar”)

Jesus Christ!
You’re all ‘tards!
Laying a trail isn’t very hard
Jesus Christ!
What the fuck!
Did you intend for your trail to suck

Every time I look at you I can’t understand
Why you let this trail you laid get so out of hand
Now we understand that each hare has his own style
But how the hell can you justify a trail with no tits seen for miles
We all came on trail today thinking we'd drink some libations
You can make it up to us with sexual relations

No Worries
(to The Lion King’s "Hakuna Matata”)

The condom, it busted
What a frightening phrase.
But Hakuna Matata!
He shoots blanks when he sprays
It means no worries
He won’t impregnate my eggs
It’s that baby-free
Goo inside of me
Hakuna Matata

I’ll Make A Man Outta You
(to Mulan’s "I’ll Make A Man Outta You")

Let's get down to business
So get on your knees
If you find my G spot
You are sure to please

But that’s the smallest dick I've ever seen
Is it in? I have no clue.
But hasher I'll make a man outta you.

Eat me out like a four course dinner
And make me wet like great typhoon
And with the strength of that tiny boner
Experience all the mysteries of my poon